8. Coffee talks - The ego - what is it and how does it work?

This is MY VIEW of this topic. Take part ;)

I believe that all we do is for our own good. It would be really weird to make choices you think would be bad or wrong. Why would you? Or you can make chices you think are wrong, but WHY are you doing it? I'd guess it's something inside of you.

Gladly we are getting happy and feel good by doing good things for other people, so most of the time our "ego" feel benefited by doing things that are good for others. What the EGO really is, is discussable, but I'd say it has to do with feeling good, and sometimes we're doing bad stuff to feel good. I'm gonna make some examples.

For me and myself I can only compare this with me having some eating problems, or as we call it, an eating disorder. Of course it wasn't the best for me, that's not how the ego works.

1. Since I got anxiety by having some sort of foods, I did rather avoid them and have a good feeling, then have them and get anxiety. This case shows have your inner self and your ego doesn't go together. I had to chice between anxiety and a bad physic. At that point, it was easy, I would have got A GOT of anxiety by not feeling the ego so I did rather miss out on my period and stuff than get anxiety.

2. Some other people have the opposite problem. They are from the beginning having a bad feeling, and are actually enjoying a looooot of foood to bate their anxiety, and are therefor binging, witch isn't good either. Here again the ego and inner self doesn't go well together.

3. People who not are a part of these problems does also have an ego. Usually it gives you confirmation by doing the things that are right for you and you inner self, as I'm talking about above. So in this case it would be

- follow your hunger and happy feelings, and both you (your inner self) and your ego will feel good. Here you ego and inner self DOES go together hand in hand.

My point is that we all have an ego and it's evolutionary there to make us survive and do the right stuff. This is a part of what we think is right or wrong. In fact some people seem to be insanely "unegoistic" but they are usually just having an ego with good morals. They are probably still getting supported by the ego by doing the things their ego things is right.

With this said I don't thing it's any weird at all to be egoistic, but buy doing the things that make you seem very egoistic, you are more likely having some weird morals and thoughts. Does it make sense for you?