bottom of a heart

Imagine the deepest ocean of a heart, its stormy sound swallowing mass - everything is drowning. Through all of the red breathing rooms, the sound is echoing all over again because of the emptiness. What could have been red out of love, has turned to be red, out of a bleeding scar.

Everything goes round and around. Words can’t be heard, feelings won’t be felt and the beat is about to stop, at while the place giving one space, is fading away.

A beautiful heart, with beautiful feelings beating for other people around. People who have deserved their place, and shown they like their seat. Well, get it right you do not have to sit, you just have to be thankful. As I am thankful for all of the kindness I am given. It is the perfect balance, when you give an other a seat and you know your own place no matter what.

Do whatever you want, take how money seats you want, but do not dare to believe they will stay as an open invitation for good.

You can not sit with me if I can not sit with you, or wise, you shall go and buy hell of a huge table, and prepare for guests who wanna share their everything with fifteen others.

No one can be loved of all people. You are not a less great person because of that, you just have a huger ego believing so. Why is that so important, feeling your liked of them all instead of being loved for real.