Evening outfit and 3 life keys

Laughing as much as I can! I'm a very sensitive girl, and tears can be hard to stop, so I'm also making sure to do tings that I love to do, that makes me genuinely happy. I wanna go as far as possible in what I'm doing, but now days, I really do prior to nourish my mind. I know that every goal comes easier when I am in my best self. This is a huge difference from before, I did not really care about how I FELT about it, as long as it was on the row to my goal. I don't know if you are getting me right; what I'm trying to say is that happiness is great for you and your inner self, and you and your inner self being in a good balance, is such a huge key to success.

I'm trying to not be dependent on acceptance from other people. It's common now days that people want the approval from pretty much the rest of the world. I mean, look at instagram. Look at our trends. We do wanna act like the others to know that we are right. This is something I'm trying to battle. I have to tell myself time after time, SO WHAT WHO CARES!? If something feels right for ME it is right for ME. If someone disapprove, YEA, then they disapprove, and I want to be fine by that, as long as I can feel happy with my own choice.

Letting my heart be my compass. So there are so many times I've been overthinking what is right, what is wrong, and created awful non happening scenarios, felt bad, got anxiety This is OBVIOUSLY so bad. Now I'm trying to follow my heart and keep my mind bright. My heart is so many times wiser that my mind.

Last night on or way to our big bang mugunda dinner.

So amazing evenings here. <3

Blouse - H&M / Pants - Samsoe Samsoe / Shoes - Second hand