How I became spiritual

I got this question from a girl on instagram, so I told her I could make a post about this, since it's maybe more of you guys having thought about this?

It's actually really hard to tell a moment, because this is a growing journey. I'd say my first connection with my inner self came to me when I started to paint. I needed to deal with my anxiety, so I started to paint what I felt. When I'm painting I'm in a total meditated mode, and this is one of my first times I really felt that I could observe myself. Take a look my art gallery here . Here we have two of my early paintings and the inspo for my phone case . The feeling of total anxiety.

Painting was truly amazing to make me be able to observe it instead of having it inside of me as a demon.

After this I got to know a girl named Amanda, she is such a spiritual being and showed me so much; the tarot cards, rituals and stuff. I did never really get it by then but she inspired me a lot, and still does. So since then I've been open for it, but without doing barely anything about it. Since maybe 2 years back I have been into making vision boards tho, so "it" have been with me a little while back. I've also noticed how powerful those have been. After have dealing with a lot of inner demons, been pushing myself harder than I ever thought I would, last year, I decided in the beginning of this year to put myself in the first room of my life. Not my goals, my self. I got attracted to all that stuff that where about how to feel happy, good and just amazing.

I started to read books, meditate more often and criticize my behaviours. I realised how much hidden we have inside of us. How much we have in our unconscious mind, so I wanted to fint the real "Greta" again and tried to be really open minded.

I started to look at pictures of me as little girl, I wanted to remember my senses from this time. I never had anxiety? I was just me.

Anyway, I went to Paris this spring and walked into a crystal store just at the street I lived at a cupple of years ago, where I bought my first crystal. It was an Azurit which is great for the third eye and to wide your perspective. After this opened up their webshop which I truly loved so I bought their card deck and started to get some daily good vibes from it.

So after this I've just kept on going and went to Josefin Dahlbergs events recently, (picture borrowed from her blog) .

Are you spiritaul? How did you get spiritual??? It would be amazing to take part of.