improve your strength - abs 2018 vs 2019 - power of rest

summer 2018 / summer 2019

I think I've never been this strong and tight before, and this improvement makes me so happy. This is just the outside, but it's a sure damn receipt on how I'm getting stronger and stronger, from the inside and out. I'm sure it's different for everyone but during times when I've tried to get ripped and been unbalanced, it has just been close to impossible. I actually think I worked out like 5 times a week at this 2018 picture, but I was so stressed. I pushed myself all the time and did things you SHOULD do instead of listen to myself. This picture is actually taken at 5.30 AM, after a smaller swim session. I really tried a bit too hard, forgot how effective it is to rest. What I didn't know by then is, that working out is a stress for the body, which is fine when it's followed by some sort of rest, but I walked around from stressing my body at the gym, to stressing my mind on what I wanted to accomplish. Doing fun stuff, what ever you want, having a good time is so healing. Balance is truly the key.

How to get abs:
  • Allow yourself to rest, it't helps your improvement
  • Eat food of good quality and the ones that makes you thrive
  • Involve your stomach when you work out
  • Do exercises that involve your whole stomach - best one is in my opinion "hanging knee raises".

​Anyway, if you fint the work out tips interesting and giving, I've collected some exercises at my story on instagram. Click here to get ripped. <3 (more for the legs tho).