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Price: 2500 kr

Size 90x65 cm

Description: About moving on, knowing that you have to close one door to open an other. To know that every ending is followed by a new beginning. It night hurts, but deep inside of you you have your inner self. You have all colors that makes you you. Life has to make you feel dizzy sometimes.

Price: 1000 kr

Size: 30x40 cm

Description: You know your shit, you cot your own world, your own bubble with all the creativeness. Even though it feels like your deep down the ocean, drowning, you have learned how to swim. Just close your eyes and let your soul breathe.

Price: 1000 kr

Size: 30x30 cm

Description: You are not special, you are just like everyone else, but we all are unique human beings. Everyone got their own backpack, and even if we are standing in front of the same situation we are going to get a different reaktion. Don't judge an other for not being you.

Price: 1500 kr

Size: 40x50 cm

Description: As I felt lost, didn't know where to look, what to see or who to listen to. Like being in a relationship with a loving demon demon, controlling you, telling you what you should do. The feeling of having what you don't know is your friend or enemy inside of you.

Price: 3000 kr

Size: 90x65 cm

Description: The feeling of melting away to an other universe. The vibe of rather being in a dream than out in the real life. When the conditions is hard enough nothing matters, you find out who you are without all the add ons.