the big opening to the spiritual living - my crystals and what they mean

HELLO SWEETHEARTS! Since a while back I got more and more spiritual. I've always been into the vibe and actually been noticing how much like nature my apartment looks like. I've realised how much I love to be around the real stuff that grounds you. But, for my more spiritual living I think the actual starting spot must have been when I went to Paris this spring, and felt how great it felt coming back to a place where I could deal with my anxiety, because I had a lot of anxiety and feelings looked up there. I did have a lot of mental problems there, and coming back was just like jumping into seeing my old thought but by a perspective. Anyway, at the same street I lived at when I was in Paris before, I found a crystal store - which was a Azurit. it where supposed to help up opening up the third eye and give you perspective, just what I needed. I did bring it up to beautiful views and "loaded" it with the power of seeing things from a perspective. The stone helps you found what behind your thoughts.

My idea-spot. Coffee, stones, sofa, nice pants... You know the drill.

Than I went to an event at Oh la moon and started to buy crystals. At my first time there I bought this, a Celestin . It gives hamony and calmness. This does also work with truth and the third eye.

The second stone I bought was a Citrin. Such a happy stone, I think yellow usually is a happy color and it helps us see whats light and let go of anger.

Then I've also bought a salvia . It's for cleaning at home and your own energy. And I've also heard it's for manifesting your wishes.

THAAAN I've bought a Selenit torn. It's for clearness and your higher mind.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST; a palo santo - for cleaning out the energy.
The pink bigger is a "rosenkvarts " witch is the love stone and the smaller is a Kunzit. It links us with the unconditional love of our own.




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